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Use It or Lose It – Make Sure To Use Your Yearly Vision Insurance Benefits Before They Expire

Use It or Lose It – Make Sure To Use Your Yearly Vision Insurance Benefits Before They Expire The end of YEAR is fast approaching – fact! Many have not used their yearly vision insurance benefits – another fact!

Are you among those that has unused vision insurance benefits lying on the table?

Did you know that most vision insurance benefits expire at the end of the year  (usually December 31st)?

Failing to use your vision benefits is like leaving money on the table and walking away. This is such as shame because you worked hard and paid for them! Unfortunately the reality is that many people will not take advantage of their hard earned benefits. Don’t be one of them.

Your chance to use your vision benefits is coming to an end. Use it or lose it!

What Can You Get With Your Vision Insurance? For many, the struggle with having yearly vision insurance benefits is knowing what services the benefits include. Do you know what is included in your insurance and what it can get for you? This information is the first step towards getting the most out of your plan. The first thing to know about your benefits is that you can make use of them at any time of the year but they cannot be transferred over to the new year. What you are entitled to depends on the plan you have.

As a start, with most policies your vision insurance plan entitles you to an annual comprehensive eye examination. Beyond this it can vary. Some plans also cover a discount or allowance toward eyewear or contact lenses each year. It is also possible that your kids are covered under your policy. It is essential that you know exactly what your yearly vision insurance benefits are and take full advantage of them before they expire. The Importance of a Yearly Eye Exam Taking advantage of your yearly vision insurance benefits is not only necessary to avoid losing money, it is also important to ensure your eye health. A yearly eye exam is part of your preventative health care. There are many eye problems, conditions and diseases that may not have noticeable symptoms. It is only through a comprehensive eye exam that such problems will be detected early enough and given the right treatment to prevent further complications and vision loss. Further, individuals that wear contact lenses or corrective eyewear need annual eye exams to determine if there have been changes that will require new lenses or eye treatments.

Comprehensive eye exams differ significantly from vision screenings. During an eye exam, the doctor will look for eye muscle imbalance, eye diseases and vision disorders. It is a necessity for both children and adults. Don’t wait until your vision becomes blurred to schedule an eye exam.

In addition to issues directly related to your eyes, a comprehensive eye exam will also allow your doctor to look for and detect other serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or brain tumors. An eye exam is a potential life-safer!

Act Now If you haven’t used your yearly vision insurance benefits, it is important that you act now to avoid losing them at the end of the year. If you are not certain of what your vision insurance affords you, contact us today at . Our representatives will be available to speak with you and discuss the benefits you are entitled to. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns about matters relating to your insurance benefits. For your yearly eye exam, our qualified optometrists will be available to carry out a comprehensive examination of your eyes and vision. We serve young and adult patients all over . We strive to give each and every patient the best eye care and the best vision possible.