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New: Book with Everseat

We're excited to start using Everseat to connect you quickly to available appointments.

This free mobile app lets you search for and book appointments easily. We make the slot available on Everseat. You "grab it"- and you're in!

phone everseatTo start using Everseat:

1. Either:

2. Search for our office ("Eye Pieces - Dallas") and 'favorite' your location and provider by clicking the star icon.

3. Next time you need an appointment at Eye Pieces- Dallas, turn "need it" on and be alerted when we have an open seat.

4. "Grab it" if that appointment works for you!

Everseat's instant updates eliminate the need for you to call us about open appointments, so you can book the appointment that works for you when you need it. Visit Everseat on Facebook to learn more.

To view open appointments - click here.

We look forward to serving you better with Everseat.

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