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Tom – Our Fashion Eyewear Specialist – Answers Your Questions

pageImage296532Tom, our chief Fashion Eyewear Specialist  has worked in the high-end optical business for the last 37 years. He has enjoyed his time working in Houston, Beverly Hills, and Dallas. Tom has developed many close relationships with our customers, many of whom ask for him by name. We are fortunate to have him on our team.
1. Many people think they are restricted to one particular shape or eyewear, is this true?
On the contrary, a person can wear any shape as long as it is well proportioned to their face and is comfortable to wear.  That is why trying out eyewear before you purchase is so important.  If someone is unsure, our eyewear professionals are always available to help and answer any questions.
2. Is there only one huge frame manufacturer?
There are more and more independent companies where the frames are still hand-made using high quality materials such as wood, buffalo horn, gold, silver, and cotton acetate.  These independent companies are great to work with because quality is their number one priority and also because they also provide us with the most unique eyewear available.
3. Why is eyewear always changing now?
Unique, fashionable eyewear used to be primarily for celebrities and stars. Now people are becoming more educated that eyewear is a very important part of their wardrobe and always evolving.  Eye Pieces follows all color trends and we always try to stay up to 2 years on the latest styles.  We are aware of trends before they happen and have the latest eye wear to offer. We travel outside the country to find the best eyewear available to introduce it to our patients.
4. Are polarized lenses very important?
With sunglasses, dark lenses naturally widen the pupil allowing UV rays to enter. With polarization, it protects your eyes from sun rays that would otherwise be damaging. One thing a consumer does not have to worry about with polarized lenses is the damaging UV rays. They also help block glare and decrease light sensitivity.  This helps to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. 
chanel865. What eyewear is popular now?
Vintage eyewear is becoming very popular.  Vintage eyewear is available in wood, buffalo horn, metal, or ZYL (acetate plastic). Bright colors are also very popular using larger frames and cat-eyed shaped frames as well. Multiple colored eyewear is also trending right now. If you don't have good quality, the look and comfort is very noticeable. So treat yourself to a quality, good looking frame. If not for primary use, think secondary or even a third pair! Have fun, be daring. :)