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Contact Lens Overuse by Dr. Gonzalez

Knowing the proper way to avoid overusing your contacts is an extremely important part of responsible contact lens wear. This is because contact lens overuse carries a very serious risk of damaging your eyes, and causing long-term problems with visual and eye health. Dr. Jaime Gonzalez of Eye Pieces Dallas in Dallas, Texas says, “Contact lenses are a serious medical device, with very specific safety guidelines. If you are not careful about caring for them and using them as prescribed, they can do a great deal of damage. Learning just a few ways to prevent contact lens overuse can go a long way toward preventing serious damage.”

Get A Spare Pair Of Eyeglasses at Eye Pieces in Dallas, TX

It is essential to have a spare pair of glasses to wear a few days a week. This allows your eyes to rest from the strain put on them by consistent contact lenseyeglasses Dallas, TX wear. Choosing your glasses over your contacts once or twice a week is an excellent way to make sure that you don't overuse your contact lenses.

Even on days when you choose your contacts over your glasses, you should not wear them for the entire day. Rather than putting your contact lenses in straight out of bed, wear your glasses while preparing for the day, and put your contacts in only as your last step. You can also take your contacts out a few hours before going to bed. Combining these two methods is an excellent way to wear your contacts in a responsible way that allows your eyes time to heal up and rejuvenate every day.

As a benchmark of how much time you should have your contacts out to be sure that you are not overusing them: Dr. Gonzalez usually advises no less than 18 hours be spent per week without contacts in. Any less than this and you may be damaging your eyes. This is because your eyes require oxygen just like a person, and just like a person, denying them oxygen can do serious damage in a very short amount of time. Your eyes also require that special blend of chemicals we call tears in order to properly hydrate them. Without proper hydration your eyes may become red, itchy and irritated.

Falling asleep while wearing your contacts is another cause of contact overuse which is overlooked by many contact lens wearers. Leaving your contacts in overnight, or even for a short nap, can deny the eyes essential oxygen and hydration, leading to neovascularization, a process by which your oxygen starved eye begins to create new blood vessels in places they don't belong in order to make up for the shortage of oxygen. This can do serious damage to your vision. It is very important to remove your contact lenses, even if you intend to take a nap for only a brief period.

Be sure to replace your contact lenses according to the time line prescribed by your eye doctor in Dallas, TX. It is a dangerously common practice to try to extend the life of your contacts further. Daily wear means you are meant to wer them for only 1 day, monthly for only 1 month. Many people are not cautious about this because they believe that as long as the contacts are comfortable, there is nothing wrong with the lenses. By the time the contacts are uncomfortable, however, it is quite possible that damage may have already been done.

For any questions and further tips, feel free to contact Dr. Gonzalez today.