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A Closer Look at Astigmatism and Contact Lenses

A lot of people with astigmatism think they are not able to wear contact lenses. Well, there's actually a special type of contact lens made just to correct astigmatism. An eye with astigmatism has a differently shaped cornea, which changes how light enters the eye. The light doesn't come to a proper focal point on the retina, which affects one's ability to see clearly.

Toric contact lenses are prescribed to fix this condition. Toric lenses have a design that is different from that of regular lenses. Think of them as the bifocals of contact lenses; they have a power for your distance vision issues and another for your astigmatism. Because of their multiple powers, toric lenses must stay in place on your eye. This is different from regular lenses, which can shift slightly and not affect your sight. But lenses for astigmatism are cleverly designed with this issue in mind, and they are a little heavier at the bottom, which prevents them from moving around.

Toric lenses come as soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. Toric lenses are also available as color contact lenses, and as multifocal lenses. Hard contact lenses are made from a firmer material that keeps their shape even when you rub your eyes or blink, and sometimes give even sharper vision than soft lenses. But the disadvantage is that they are often not as comfortable to wear. Rest assured, there's a contact lens which is just right for you.

Due to the fact that toric lenses are just a bit more complex, you should factor in some extra time for your fitting. But it's worth it. With advances in eyewear technology, those with astigmatism have lots of life-improving options to choose from.